Love in One Perfect Rose by Dorothy Parker and Cinderella’s Diary by Ron Koertge

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A rose is the ultimate yet simplest sign of love. Billions are sold on Valentine’s Day and countless numbers are sold to epitomize a lover’s feelings throughout the year. The delicate petals, harsh and unforgiving thorns, vivid and deep colors, all of the things associated with a rose go towards it being the best way to sum up a person’s love for another. The rose has often been associated with a sign of romance. The thought of romance is not as appreciated in today’s time period in comparison to, say, fifty years ago. With this in mind, we can examine how the love has changed in symbolism over the years using poetry and literature. “One Perfect Rose” by Dorothy Parker and “Cinderella’s Diary” by Ron Koertge both speak about the beauty …show more content…
The speaker’s sarcastic tone through the poem is a blaringly obvious sign of her distaste for the situation with the Prince. She sees it as a boring and time consuming venture that she is not interested in in the least. The slipper is not significant to her and does nothing to affect her opinion. The symbols, as well, show their differences. Although they were viewed differently than they were intended, they do serve to show the differences in the use of symbolism. In “One Perfect Rose”, the speaker explains their disappointment in a tawdry flower, explaining that a limousine would mean so much more, showing the yearning for a more materialistic demonstration of love. “And no it’s always just my luck to get one perfect rose.”(470) Belongings are everything to the speaker, in her opinion; money is the true show of love. In “Cinderella’s Diary”, the view on love is boring. The speaker is tired of the fairy-tale-esque love that is being displayed. The speaker looks out of a window at some hunters and sees how they joke around and live life with smiles on their faces. The speaker wishes she could live their life, instead of being a sheltered bride to a prince, having no control over her daily schedule and having very little freedom. These two poems are similar in that the givers of the love and the rose intend for their

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