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Love in Poems Robert Browning’s poem “My Last Duchess” is based on a real story about the fifth Duke of Ferrera in the Renaissance period. He married a 14-year-old named Lucrezia and then left her for a two-year period. She died at the age of 17. In this poem, the Duke is now looking for a second wife-to-be. Robert Browning is one of the greatest poets in the Victorian age. He writes romantic poems and he expresses love in this poem as obsessive. The poem’s rhyme scheme is a, a, b, b. This is a dramatic monologue. This is the kind of poem where there is only one speaker. In this poem it is the duke. At the very start of the poem, we are already given the idea that the Duke is a proud man especially with his art collections.…show more content…
He thinks that the duchess should give him all her attention to himself including his power and rank. The duke is very possessive about his wife. The main point of this poem is how the Duke always wants attention for himself. He thinks he deserves all that especially when in his own home. He always takes action and power over those lower than him. “I gave commands; then all smiles stopped altogether”. If the Duchess smiles to everybody, maybe the Duke did something about it to stop them from smiling back. The Duchess’ humility and good nature to anyone else disgusted him. The Duchess can never know the cause of his anger because the Duke never tells her why. “Or that in you disgust me; here you miss…and I choose never to stoop.” Lastly, the Duke finally allows the listener to rise and “meet the company below”. He was referring to his servants and Robert Browning still stresses the point of his wealth and power over his household. By showing the last Duchess’ painting, could it be that the Duke will repeat the marriage to his new wife-to-be? “His fair daughter’s self…is my object”, will she too be like the last Duchess? We will never know because Browning’s poem ends with the Duke boasting about his other pieces of art like “Neptune”. Robert Browning has another romantic poem entitled “Porphyria’s Lover”. This is another monologue. Robert Browning also portrays obsessive love as he

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