Love in a Fallen City

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“Love in a Fallen City” written in 1943 by Chinese writer Eileen Chang(1920-1995). Eileen Chang is one of the most writers of twentieth- century in China. She was born into an aristocratic family in Shanghai. Chang’s grandfather is Hang peilun who is son in law to Li hongzhang, an influential official in Qing dynasty. Her grandmother Li juyu is the oldest daughter of Li hongzhang. Chang studied literature at the university of Hong Kong. However, in 1941 Japanese attacked on Shanghai, and she had to returned to occupied Shanghai. At that time, she was able to publish some stories and essays which made her to be a literary star. But, due to some reason that The rise of Communist influence made a difficult for her to stay in Shanghai, and she…show more content…
Therefore, they meet in a hotel to infight who will first hunting each other’s heart. However, this just a silent war and no results and no progress between their relationship. Then, Bai liusu decides to go back to Shanghai and hopes that Fan liuyuan will follow her to go there. But during that time, Japanese military occupied her hometown, and at that life-and-death matter’ time Fan liuyuan trying to protect Bai liusu, then they fall in love with each other and vow solemnly.
Many readers think Bai liuse's suffering is similar to Eileen Chang's experience when she was young. And Eilleen's fallen is started from the time when she born. That way, Bai liusu has a poor family and when Eileen born, her whole family already declined. However, Eilleen's parents marital status also conform with Bai liusu who is a divorced woman's identity. During this situation, Eileen's character become cold and introvert. She seldom talk with people, and she have a major emotional upset. So, she use Bai liusu to be her character to show her inner thought. In this story, Eilleen focus more on Bai liusu's tear and her inner thought which can let reader know Bai liusu insists more is financial security and true love is not important to Bai liusu. And she has no hope from love. Bai liusu just an ordinary selfish women at time time. Fan liuyuan a playboy who put the woman as his mud under his feet. He does not want to gain love from any women. He hunts love by some purposes, and he are
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