Love in 'a Midsummer's Night Dream'

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How does Shakespeare use the theme of love in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’? Shakespeare uses the theme of love to show how complicated love can be; Hermia falling in love with Lysander and Egeus not allowing her to get married to Lysander. Lysander and Hermia try to figure things out between themselves and their forbidden love, “The course of true love never did run smooth”. On the other hand Shakespeare uses comical love with Helena’s unrequited love for Demetrius. Helena is so sad she calls herself his spaniel, “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” Another example of comical love is Titania falling in love with Bottom, with the ass’s head on. Love can blind our eyes in some situations and we can fall head over heels, which makes us look…show more content…
Near the end there is a scene where both men are in love with her and she feels that she is right in the middle of a practical joke, with Hermia, Demetrius and Lysander pulling her strings. They start to quarrel and it begins as a little fight but ends as a massive brawl: “Lysander, speak again. Thou runaway, thou coward, art thou fled?” Demetrius is looking for Lysander in the dark so he can only be found by his voice. But this fight has all been fun and a game played by Puck as he mimics Lysander’s voice. From these lines, Shakespeare shows that Puck can be very mischievous when he has fun but also serious around his master. However Lysander and Demetrius grow tired and fall asleep next to Hermia and Helena, where they are found the next morning by Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus. However, Shakespeare makes Puck see from the actions of the four young adults, that humans can be very foolish and can also have a rollercoaster ride of love with all its ups and downs, especially in Athens with its law giving the father the right to select the man for his daughter: “Lord what fools these mortals be!” This line shows that Puck brings Oberon to see the sight of Demetrius’s unrequited love towards Helena and the forbidden love of Hermia and Lysander because of their strange antics, which are partly down to Puck and his mischief, so Oberon decides to sort it out. Oberon deals with the chaos with the potion of the flower ‘love
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