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The article '' love: the right chemistry'' by Anastasia Toufexis efforts to explain the concept of love from a scientific aspect in which an amateur will understand. Briefly this essay explains and describe in a scientific way how people's stimulation of the body works when you're falling in love. The new scientific researches have given the answer through human physiology how genes behave when your feelings for example get swept away. The justification for this is explained by how the brain gets flooded by chemicals. The author expresses in one point that love isn't just a nonsense behavior nor a feeling that exhibits similar properties as of a narcotic drug. This is brought about by an organized chemical chain who controls different…show more content…
It was really interesting that the author could pinpoint out these little feelings and describe what exactly happens in our body when we fall in love. Her reasoning she exhibited at certain places did that I was speechless and in other places it made me pensive and a bit skeptical of her reasoning. For many people who are not familiar with the scientific description of love is love a simple strong sensation when you meet the right person. Looking at it with a more scientific eye as Anastasia Toufexis does in The Right Chemistry, will tell you that love is a rather complex biological/chemical phenomenon something evolution has given us. Michael Millis gives the following explanation ''What seems on the surface to be irrational, intoxicated behavior is in fact part of natures's master strategy''1, which began in the African plains 4 years ago. This was according to me the key to human survival and it was here the romantic love started to blossom.Thanks to the fact that humans began walking on two legs and mad the entire body visible to one another developed this unique attraction forces, who developed the love into more than just a single reproductive act. Although assembly mates from behind was, and still is, the method favored by most animals, people began to enjoy face-to-face connections. Both appearance and personal attraction became a much bigger part of the equation.

Romance became essential for child raising and even today is the point of having children the

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