Love to Cook

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Name: Antoine Palmer Course: Psychology 105-1124-001 Professor: David Kowalski Date: May 10, 2012 I absolutely love cooking; it is my favorite to pass time. When I cook it’s like having a big day. Cooking just relaxes me, it’s easy and stress free. Preparing dishes’, I’m familiar with are the ones I like to cook most. Finding what to cook is basically easy, because I cook for the same people daily. Cooking for the same crowd adds to my joy in cooking. Knowing my like and dislikes give me joy, because I know what is going to satisfy their taste buds. My family’s satisfaction only adds to my joy of cooking all that much more. I base my decision on what to cook on when…show more content…
I had to fill them and perceive if they were tender enough to be considered cooked enough to eat. During cooking I am alert to my meal but relaxed. In my paper I talked about cooking to me is like going to the day of joy. When I cook I am relaxed not worrying about problems or life outside of cooking my dishes. I give my meal my complete and in divided attention. I learned to cook mainly from my big mama. I use her recipes and techniques of cooking. She taught me to cook from age 6 on up. Because, I have cook, as if I am reliving my childhood all over again. Cooking always brings back memories from my big mama teaching and techniques that grooming me to be a cook and cook from my heart. I learned to cook soul food through my grand mama and my mother and now I am the head cook at the hospital. Cooking have gave me the mine to be who I can be and the stronger I can be with cooking has been the best and with the best has made me better , for me and my family. My family always want me to cook if it nothing but put something on the grill. The anticipation of the outcome of my greens is building out of my habit. I wonder “how are they going to taste? How will my family receive these greens? I relieve myself of these thought, because they always love them. They always taste like they were cooked by a 5 star chef, in the best restaurant in the world. The last things, I normally think about before they are finished
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