Loveland Ski College Essay

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It was about 8 o'clock in the evening on a Friday night, I was on my phone watching Netflix and then I receive a text message from my good friend Nick, a tall dude with crazy hair, usually wearing basketball shorts and always having a preposterous look on his face, in a good way of course. He asked me if I wanted to go skiing tomorrow with him and a couple others. and of course I said yes. Later that night I was picked up in Nick's car and I spent the night at his house. I just woke up from my alarm and I was excited to go skiing. Nick of course was still asleep on the bottom bunk of his bed. I jumped over the rail from the top of the bed and slammed my feet onto the bottom of his bed and that’s finally when he woke up. We packed all of our…show more content…
We grab our gear out of the trunk of the Jeep and head to the Chairlifts. After clicking in my boots to the Skis, we go stand in line for the Chairlifts. The line moves fairly quickly and before I knew it I was getting scooped by the Chairlift and going up the beautiful mountainside. Everything was covered in snow from the cold hard ground to the stunning white Pine and Aspen trees. After a little we came to the summit of Loveland Ski Area. It was a constant blizzard and wasn’t the most comfortable to be up there. The chilling of the wind alongside the snow made it feel like the snow was piercing my skin with tiny white needles. Nick and I decided to bomb the hill for a little to get used to skiing again. It didn’t take very long to get used to it again but by the time we did, we already went quite aways down the…show more content…
They were a little frustrated with us for going so far ahead and not know where we went but realized that were teenagers and are eager to go skiing. We went together for the rest of the way until the next chairlift. After a while they let us go ski by ourselves until lunch. We went back up the mountain about a third
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