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Chapter 7 Positioning Services in Competitive Markets GENERAL CONTENT Multiple Choice Questions 1. In marketing terms, ____________ means providing a relatively narrow product mix for a particular market segment. a. cantor b. synopsis c. focus d. phyla e. class (c; Easy; p. 186) 2. Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic focus strategies? a. Service focused b. Unfocused c. Fully focused d. Refocused e. Market focused (d; Easy; p. 186) 3. A ____________ is composed of a group of buyers who share common characteristics, needs, purchasing behavior, or consumption patterns. a. target class b. class c. focal segment d. market segment e. target segment (d; Moderate; p. 187) 4. A(n) ____________ is one that a firm has…show more content…
186) 16. A target segment should only be selected on the basis of their sales and profit potential. (False; Moderate; p. 187) 17. No service attribute can be easily quantified because of the intangibility of services. (False; Moderate; p. 190) 18. Positioning plays a pivotal role in marketing strategy, because it links market analysis and competitive analysis to environmental analysis. (False; Challenging; p. 195) 19. The objective of corporate analysis is to identify the organization’s resources, any limitations or constraints, its goals, and how it values shape the way it does business. (True; Moderate; p. 196) 20. The best way to anticipate possible competitive responses is to identify all current or potential competitors and to put oneself in their own management’s shoes by conducting an internal corporate analysis for each of these competitors. (True; Moderate; p. 197) Short Answer 21. What are the two dimensions along which a company’s focus can be described? Market and service. (Easy; p. 186) 22. What are the characteristics of an unfocused service category? Serving broad markets and providing a wide range of services. (Moderate; p. 186) 23. Distinguish between important and determinant attributes Important attributes represent what customer’s value in a service, whereas determinant attributes are those that actually determine buyers’ choices between competing alternatives. (Moderate; p. 189) 24. Describe copy positioning. Copy

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