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Lambro Golloshi ENG 102 17 Prof. Tappin 4-23-2012 Lovely bones Critical Analysis Paper Losing a loved one can be such a difficult thing to accept. But what if you kept believing she was still there? Definitely not in body, but lingering in spirit. In The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold, we dive into the mind of Susie Salmon; a 14 year old, dead girl. When Susie Salmon is murdered on her way home from school, she leaves behind a family and friends who care deeply for her. As each person deals with her death, most of them deal with a large amount of survivor’s guilt. The two characters that seem to have the hardest time accepting Susie’s death and their own survival are Lindsey Salmon and Ruth Connors. Lindsey deals not only with the…show more content…
It also gives us an explanation for the title: The Lovely Bones are actually not just Susie’s body; they are also the ribbons that bind her family together and allow her to find her “wide, wide heaven.” That’s why they’re lovely. (Sebold 322-325) The entire point of view is first person. Susie relates everything that happens to every character, including their thoughts and even their deeds. She is a godlike character in that she can see and know everything about those who love her, even their past. It’s only when she chooses not to know that her godlikeness disappears. Since everything is filtered through Susie, it might seem as if the reader is denied access to the reality each character might present if they could speak for themselves. However, this point of view still allows us to know what the characters are thinking and feeling and we get a wonderful sketch of each one. This may be due to the fact that Susie loves them all or is bound to them all in some enduring way. Susie is the narrator of the story. She has been raped and murdered and feels enormous pain, even in heaven, for what has happened to her. However, she also presents careful connections about herself, family and friends. In these, we see her great love and compassion for those she misses dreadfully. We must not forget that she is also a character who must be examined for her own grief: Susie

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