Lovely English in The Red Badge of Courage by Henry Flemming

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The Red Badge of Courage is a great American classic, and this wonderful quote sums up the entire novel from start to finish. The novel is a novel about a solider in the civil war who deals with the difficulties of being in war. The novel follows and captures his journey using many literary elements. Crane’s use of style, plot, setting, and characters help enhance the story. The use of these literary elements helps enhance the novel and help readers understand the struggles of a solider during the civil war. The first important element in The Red Badge of Courage that helps convey the theme of the novel is style. Early on in the novel, Henry Fleming thinks to himself about the upcoming battle. The other commented “He felt alone in space when his injured comrade had disappeared”(Crane 18). This example shows that even though the narrator is not Henry, the third person narrator knows the thoughts of Henry. Knowing the thoughts of Henry is major in the plot and the characterization of the story. Henry’s thoughts not only drive his own actions, but the thoughts of the reader. Reader’s get into the story because they know the internal conflicts of Henry. Another part of style that really enhances Crane’s writing is the use of vivid imagery. One does not have to go very far the in the story to find an example of imagery in the novel. In the first paragraph, it talks about…
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