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Journal 1 What impact has the Canadian Social and Political history on writing of Joy Mannette and Denise Chong? Both authors Joy Mannette and Denise Chong have written different articles about racism and discrimination .First article “My Dearest Child” is written by Joy Mannette and the other one “The Concubine’s Children” is written by Denise Chong. Both of these articles reflected how the black and Chinese immigrants suffered in Canada in 17th and 19th century. But now as we all know Canada is a multicultural country. Everyone respect each other’s culture and religion. The first article “My Dearest Child” is a letter written by a white mother Joy Mannette to her African Canadian child. In this letter, she explained how their ancestors…show more content…
Her writings buttress the fact that although we all have different colours, we have the same colour of blood running through our veins. In conclusion, these two authors, looking back now to what has become of Canada would be happy at the transformation that has taken place between then and now. The points system in place now is based not on your country of origin but on your skills. The immigration and multicultural act sees immigrants as having all the rights and privileges accorded to any white person. Next Emphasizing of Canadian social and political history, the writing of Denise Chong and Joy Mannette shows that many different groups and classes of people that constitute the Canadian society and the help of individuals, have somehow influenced the history of Canada. From the writing of Denise Chong, “from The concubine’s children”, we can clearly observe that Chinese were unwelcome in Canada to a degree where special taxes levied on the Chinese for school and policing, employment, laundry, shoes, even cigars and even bared from becoming naturalized citizens, from owning land, from working on public works (56). Such opposition did not prevent the government to bring one exception to the rule, claiming that the Chinese would work for much less, were more reliable than the available white labour and many Chinese were assigned the most dangerous job (57). Moreover, newspapers and politicians alike pandered to public

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