Love's Executioner and Other Tales of Psychotherapy

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TERM PAPER: LOVE EXECUTIONER (AND OTHER TALE OF PSYCHOTHERAPY) In this Fascinating book Love’s Executioner and other Tales of Psychotherapy by Irvin D. Yalom, we can appreciated different techniques used in a session of Psychotherapy, this book was easy to read and understand and especially it was very addictive, making it the perfect tool and inspiration for psychology students who are starting to appreciate this career more deeply. There are ten different cases offered in this book, some patients share similar symptoms but still have different mental dysfunctions. Out of the ten cases I picked three: * Love’s Executioner (Chapter 1) * I Never Thought It Would Happen to Me (Chapter 5) * Therapeutic monogamy (Chapter 9)…show more content…
It was the way Thelma approach therapy all this years what had made it so hard for any sort of improvement. She had a clear idea of what could help her get better and being truly upfront about it was not really one of them. No wonder why the therapy with the other doctors did not work out, she was hiding the biggest and most important reason of all for her obsessions. Dr. Yalom interpret this as an error on the other therapist, even imagined they had little experience in the practice and that is way they couldn’t see what was really tormenting her. By Thelma hiding her true emotions, fears and wants from Dr. Yalom it made it hard to build a relationship of trust between therapist-patient. Dr. Yalom’s own issues did affected him when treating Thelma, he was so weary of this, of not seeing any kind of progress he started to become desperate to achieve a solution. By trying to do this he pushed towards a meeting between Mathew, Thelma and him, but this reflected mostly the need for Dr. Yalom to solve this instead of what was best for his patient, even he knew this would be a very risky moved and decided to pushed towards that anyways. His own ego, his own reputation was very important to him, and overall I think he let this influenced his right judgment. Thelma caused in me mixed feelings on one hand the fact she is somebody older, with experience, and a lot to

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