Love's Executioner, by Irvin D. Yalom Essay

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In the story, “Loves Executioner”, Yalom treats and old woman named “Thelma” that is overly obsessed with her a former therapist from ten years ago named Matthew. Yalom feeling though that he is drawn to the facets of her dilemma decides to do everything he can to empower Thelma move past the obsessions that had been wrecking havoc on her mental health. Although Thelma’s love obsession with her therapist, and her subjective experiences on life of what is preventing her from living in the present, Yalom attempts to treat a 70-year-old woman only to learn that being love executioner more complicated as he had anticipated. First and foremost are Yalom and Thelma’s first meeting. In beginning, Yalom is intrigued with her love obsession with…show more content…
Thelma, hesitantly, decides on giving therapy one last try as she cannot seem to move passed on being obsessed over Matthew. (Yalom, 2000) Yalom states his goals of therapy and what she can expect. He tells her that it is not going to be easy and that its will take dedication in therapy to get her to realize that her obsession is based on the power she has given to Matthew. Determined to get her to agree to not harming herself, Thelma finally agrees after hesitation informs him that she will only commit herself to six months of treatment and no more than that. (Yalom, 2000) I thought Yalom stated the goals and what is expected of his patient as what I have read in the Corey text that boundaries and goals have to be stated otherwise the therapist is treating a patient with loose objectives and indefinite expectations. During the next session Thelma explains that Matthew’s first meetings outside therapy began a year after in Union Square, San Francisco near a cafe. Thelma and Matthew end up spending the day having coffee and conversing as if they had been old friends reunited, including having sex on one occasion. She describes Matthew being caring and attractive. Thelma informs Yalom that she had not spoken to Matthew in over eight years that she couldn’t see herself without him, as she would just be happy with a phone call to let her know he still thinks about her as he made her feel alive. (Yalom, 2000) In this part as she

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