Loving Un Truth, and Fain in Verse My Love to Show

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Loving un truth,and fain in verse My love to Show Philip Sidney Analysis 1: Like other creative persons of the period, Sidney also came under the influence of sonneteering. Thus a series of sonnets addressed to a single lady, expressing and reflecting on the developing relationship between the poet and his love grew up. Though the story does not have to be literal autobiography and questions of ‘sincerity’ are hardly answered, Sidney’s love for Stella, on the artistic level, has been traced to love-affair of the poet’s own life. Stella is said to be Penelope Devereux, who did not or could not reciprocate the love and married Lord Rich. It is, in fact, owing to the predisposition of the mind created by the Romantic tradition of…show more content…
Thus, the last line of the sonnet turns out to be a direct statement of Sidney’s critical creed that great poetry does not result from imitation of other poets, but from the expression of personal experience and passion. Such views on poetic creation are similar to those of the Romantic poets. Analysis 2: This poem is about Sir Phillip Sidney trying to write a poem that is good enough to win the heart of his beloved. The rhyme scheme is ABAB ABAB CDCDEE, which is a mix between an English and Italian style of sonnet. In line 2 of the poem, Sidney says, “some pleasure of my pain”. In the poem, the word “pain” means the pains of love and also the pain that comes from the effort to try and write good poetry. Sidney then goes onto a flow of logic. He believes that a well-written poem will give his love pleasure and knowledge of the anguish that he faces. These feelings will give rise to pity for Sidney, and this pity will eventually give rise to love. Sidney goes on to write that he has tried to “paint the blackest face of woe”. Here Sidney uses the word “paint” as a metaphor. Once again, the word “woe” has the dual-meanings of his anguish of love and his pain for trying to write a good poem. He also is personifying these feelings of anguish that he is experiencing. In line 6, Sidney uses the word “inventions” to mean inspirations.

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