Loving Yourself As A Black Woman Analysis

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Taking the time to read Lesson Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman really shed light on a lot of things I’ve suppressed over the year because I’ve been too afraid to talk to anyone about. It helped me look at how much I try to put off and how I feel on the inside, but shows differently on the outside just so people won’t ask me what’s wrong or if I’m okay. Though there are many lessons throughout this book it was 3 that really opened on how I feel on a daily basis. Being happy is something everyone wants to be, but truly being happy is difficult. How can I truly be happy if I don’t know what happiness is. Every day I wake up and wonder what will make me happy today. I ponder on this question every morning as I look in the mirror. When I walk outside I wonder if the person walking beside me is happy, if so what makes them so happy. Is it something I’m missing, will I ever be happy, or am I just not happy with myself. I discovered while reading this book that happiness starts with me and it’s something that can’t be found. And all those outside factors such as relationships, school, and friends are just contributing to my happiness. But those factors are the only thing that makes me happy or at least I thought they did. For years, I battled with…show more content…
I’ve always tried to be comfortable in my own skin, but it’s been a difficult process. I tend to think if I was slimmer, my hair was straight, or if I was light skinned I would finally be worth something. In lesson 3, the author really goes into detail about African American women and their self-worth. The media has a lot of control over why I don’t feel I’m as worthy as women of other races. For myself while reading through this listen I learnt that I can’t let society or the media show me what I’m worth. I know I’m worth more than what people believe I am or will be. And I can’t listen to what others say in order to move forward with my
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