Low Battery Short Story

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Low battery. Exactly the two words I didn’t want to see right now. Totally not the way I wanted to start this day off. I decided to try to shrug it off and get out of bed and get ready for school. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair like usual. As I was walking out of the bathroom, I noticed something strange. The house was quiet; it was like no one was there.Standing there confused as ever, I decided to investigate. I checked the living room and no one was there, it was vacant. “Well that’s odd.” I thought to myself. “Where’d everyone go?” I checked the whole house and nothing. No one. Not a single other living being besides myself. I turned my head and checked the clock; I noticed something very odd. I thought I had heard…show more content…
Watching me from afar. Who could be there? Behind me? The suspense was quickly building up and so was my fear. The fear to turn around and face whatever it is behind me. I only continued to get more and more filled with freight and the bad possibilities. I just couldn’t imagine the terror that awaited me once I turned around. My curiosity begged me to turn around and see what it was. If I’m going to die, I might as well see the killer. I built up the courage to turn around. I slowly turned around, and my heart completely stopped. The only thing I seen before getting impaled was a mask. After that, everything went black. I can’t believe my life is already coming to an end. “Why now? Why here? Why me? I can’t just die now. I haven’t lived very long at all.” I grabbed the weapon that impaled me and clenched my grip as hard as I could and jabbed as hard and fast as I could at the killer. I tried my best to defend myself and end this killers terror. I felt like the end was near. The killer was dead or was dying; they weren’t gonna bother me anymore, that’s all I knew. They were motionless on the floor. I quickly called 911 and tried my best to save myself. After I made the call everything went
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