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Nok Air is a low cost airline in Thailand. Destinations of the flight are served within domestic with affordable price. Thai Airways International Public Company Limited holds 39% joint venture with the company. Thai Commercial Securities Co., Ltd. (Thai commercial banks. Co., Ltd. (Thailand), CPB Equity Company Limited (Crown Property Bureau) and other shareholders include Krung Thai Bank (Thailand) holds 10%, Dhipaya Insurance Company Limited (Thailand) holds 10%, Pension Fund holds 10%, King Power holds 5% and Mr. Patee Sarasin holds 5%.
The trademark ‘Nok Air ' was first established on February 10 th , 2004 under the company
Sky Asia Co., Ltd. The name 'Nok Air ' is simply and easily to recognize by
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At Nok Air they make a great effort to understand the needs and demands of passengers no matter how complex they may be. As a result they hope to give passengers a level of service that is beyond their expectations.
Secondly, Nok Air would like to offer the freedom for everyone to have flying as an option, as a means of transport. In order to achieve this, they try to understand consumer behavior, and how the airline can make flying as easy and convenient for them as possible.
Lastly, Nok Air holds safety at the heart of the operation. Nok Air aircraft operations comply fully with the same safety standard as Thai Airways International. Its current aircraft are all newly leased from Thai Airways with highly experienced cockpit crews.
The price of the air tickets will be competitive with other low cost airlines in the market. With this strategy, Nok Air hopes to be able to give those who have never flown before, a convenient and desirable means of transportation. At the same time, Nok Air offers the chance to those that already are enthusiastic travelers, the opportunity to travel even more often. For these reasons, Nok Air, hope that they are the choice for travelers.

Microenvironment (Organization analysis) Nok Air is a low cost airline. It is a joint-venture between Thai Airway International Public Company and private company. The airline has combined between the service
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