Low Fat Diet Research Paper

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Introduction A low-fat diet can be helpful if you have pancreatitis or a gallbladder condition. With these conditions, your pancreas and gallbladder have trouble digesting fats. A healthy eating plan with less fat will help rest your pancreas and gallbladder and reduce your symptoms. What do I need to know about this diet? Eat a low-fat diet. Reduce your fat intake to less than 20–30% of your total daily calories. This is less than 50–60 g of fat per day. Remember that you need some fat in your diet. Ask your dietitian what your daily goal should be. Choose nonfat and low-fat healthy foods. Look for the words “nonfat,” “low fat,” or “fat free.” As a guide, look on the label and choose foods with less than 3 g of fat per serving. Eat only one
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