Low Faty Diet : The Benefits Of A High Fat Diet

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Eat more fiber. Eat less fat. Your parents or doctors have told you this many times before, but do you know why you should eat more fiber instead of more fat? A high fiber diet has many benefits that high fat diets do not offer. Unlike a high fiber diet, a high fat diet causes weight gain, slower bowel movements, cholesterol and risk for different heart diseases. Wait, what is fiber? Fiber comes in foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that are a necessity for our bodies to digest food in our digestive system. Fiber is the parts of foods that are indigestible. So when they pass through our digestive system, they push all the food down through the system.
Having some fat in your body is healthy but when you have a high fat diet, you take in too much fat. When you have a high fat diet, all or most of the food you intake has twice the calories of a normal diet. For the way our body works, we intake fat and protein and we burn it off through the activities we do. But if you have a high fat diet, you never have enough energy to burn off the fat. Because your body cannot burn off the fat, it is stored in your belly which causes you to gain weight. Unlike a high fat diet, a high fiber diet helps you lose weight. A high fiber diet is low in calories compared to a high fat diet. Because of the low calories, your body is easily able to burn off the fat and a high fiber gives you more energy to burn off that fat. A high fiber diet does not offer more energy. Basically, a
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