Low Hourly Pay Research Paper

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If you were given the chance to change three things in the world, what would they be? First, I would get rid of bullying. Low hourly pay is another thing I would change quickly. It could help more than just my family. Finally, I would eliminate absent fathers. If I were given the chance, I would modify these things.
I would alter the world to where bullying could be something of the past. Bullying from people I considered my friends has left a lasting mental scar on me. I now have a lot of trouble talking to people, which in turn has resulted in me having a smaller friend group. Previous bullying has also left me with low self-esteem. Fake compliments and insults have made it hard for me to believe true compliments. I also flinch when someone moves their hand too quickly in my direction.
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Because my mother earns a rather low hourly pay, my family can usually only buy the goods we really need. I’ve learned not to ask for much and worry about the cost. Since I have many pets and a family of four, my mother has to work too much. It often worries me because her health has been affected by it. I’ve also developed a habit of going for the cheapest things. This sometimes leads to me buying things that aren’t the best quality-wise. Having higher hourly pay would most likely make life easier for my family.
Making sure everyone has the chance to have a good father is another thing I would do. To begin, I never had a bond with anyone I could call “Dad.” This led me to be uneasy around most men I do not know. I’m fairly afraid of my father actually wanting me. He is an awful person who has never been in my life. I tend to get jealous of happy families that include fathers. After a while, the jealousy usually fades into guilt and sadness. In conclusion, everyone deserves to have a father to love and care for them, so if it were up to me, everyone would have a exceptional
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