Low Income And Lower Class Families Struggle With Providing Their Children

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Education today is a very important need for a successful, prosperous, and respectable life. Almost every job a person seeks to find in the work force requires a degree of some form. More and more every day, people are needing a good education to make enough of a living to survive. Low income and lower class families struggle with providing their children with necessary educational needs. They do not have the funds to provide educational needs to help them excel in their adulthood. Most of the lower class society is brought up in rundown neighborhoods, which means they do not have the means to attend an upper class school. In a lower class education setting, more often than not, you find that the teachers are failing because the system is failing. The higher class institutions teach a more in depth curriculum, while the lower class institutions teach a more practical curriculum. The families in these lower class societies make barely enough to live, causing them to put their children’s education at the low end of priorities. It can be hard for a lower class person to get an education because of all of the hardships that come along with it, but some prevail through all of that hardship and come out on top. The educational system can easily be defined by our social rankings; such a ranking can cause many to receive incomplete learnings, and allow them to fall through the cracks of society. Many teachers in the lower class spectrum of society aren’t giving the necessary

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