Low Income Families With Children

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Low-income families with children are a vulnerable population that has needs that must be addressed. I am especially concerned about single mothers with children. They have an issue receiving child care for their children. Some families cannot afford to put their children in high quality child care. While some may not qualify for government assistance because of strict guidelines.
Child care assistance in America has always been an issue. Some mothers have made hard choices that were unsafe for their children. “Working mothers that cannot afford childcare have left their children in cars, with other children that are not capable of caring for them, and with strangers”, (Michel, 2011, para. 2). These are dicey situations, since the mothers may be blamed. Some may not have a logical solution to their problem. People may judge them, and assume they are selfish. They do not understand the situation these mothers are faced with. Some mothers fear the loss of employment, and do not want to lose their income.
The history of child care has been tough. Some officials in the past were not as forthcoming with reforming childcare policies. Child care assistance has been given a bad reputation. “American child care in the nineteenth century, were made up of provisions that were typically related to the poor, minorities, and immigrants and were stigmatized as charitable and custodial” (Michel, 2011, para. 5). Many people did not want to help poor individuals. In America
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