Low Income Students And Academic Achievement

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n the introduction of this paper, I mentioned that low-income students tend to have decreased academic achievement. However, students living in poverty do not always fall privy to the generalizations that face them. At Walt Disney Magnet School, where I have the pleasure of working, sixty-six percent of students are low income, but sixty-eight percent of students meeting or exceeding the state standards (Illinois Report Card, 2015). I reflected on my own teaching experience at this school. In my four years as a seventh and eighth grade teacher, all of my classes tend to have a majority of low-income students, and when speaking with more seasoned teachers it’s mentioned that Disney’s demographic has historically been comprised of a…show more content…
Last year, after practicing positive communication to change student attitude toward learning, 97% of my class met or exceeded the state standards, despite the fact that low-income students made 85% of my class. Building from the information in the review of literature, the second part of this paper seeks to identify and discuss how teachers and schools can implement facets of the four mindsets for growth in their daily practice with the goal of helping students achieve the high standards that are set for them. I will outline strategies that help to foster and develop a growth mindset in students to be employed in schools not only for the teacher, but the classroom and school community as well. By interacting with growth mindset strategies in a wider spectrum, students’ ability to foster a growth mindset for achievement grows as well. It is my hope that all teachers can adopt the mindset practices each and every day in the classroom. Strategies for Building Relationships in the Classroom The teacher is the single most significant contributor to student achievement, with an effect twice as great of that as parents, peers, entire schools, and poverty (Hanushek, 2005). In teaching, you have to believe that every single student has the ability to learn and improve and that you have the ability to make that learning happen. Recall that when students perceive their teachers as someone who cares
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