Low Income Students Seeking The Education They Need For Move Up By Emily Yount

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In the article, “Low-Income Students Seeking the Education They Need to Move Up,” Emily Yount writes about the way that poverty affects people entering higher education. In her story, a girl named Chelsea is a single mom trying to get her education, and the path is difficult for her. In this paper, I will discuss both my mother and Chelsea and show the ways that it is mainly the single moms that struggle the most in this society. Regardless if you’re rich or poor, your economic status always is important. A student’s economic status has a great impact and can affect her depending on the decisions she makes. Chelsea didn’t have a good start in her childhood because her mother was a drug addict. Although she wanted to be different, her family and neighbors didn’t think she would succeed. She says, “Where I was from, everyone was like, she’s going to be like her mom. And I was like, no, I’m not. But then the baby came, and I couldn’t keep it up.” In other words, Chelsea had faith in herself, but with the added responsibility of a child, she dropped out of school. She put herself into poverty when she made that type of decision. Then while her daughter was getting older she realized that she didn’t want to end up like her cousins which is that they didn’t care that they were living in poverty and surviving on food stamps. They had children just like she had her daughter, but with seeing her cousins in poverty she realized that she wasn’t going to go anywhere in life because she

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