Low Levels Of Youth Engagement In The Election

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New Zealand is a representative democracy, where general elections are held once every three years, to create fair votes. New Zealand citizens and residents are eligible to vote from the age of 18, however enrolling is required whereas, voting is not compulsory. The general elections are coming up soon, and according to the previous outcomes, the results of votes have been a concerning problem from the last previous years. This is mainly concerning within the younger age groups from 18-24. This is an important issue because if the younger voters are not fulfilling this opportunity, the level of youth engagement may not increase in the future. Due to the low levels of youth engagement, the policy solution needs to be modified in order to…show more content…
Due to the low level of knowledge that young people know about the political affairs, this is one of the disadvantages that is possibly causing the results to be quite low, as the people will have no understanding on how they decide the right decision that could provide the country with a better future. This can also affect a number of votes on what the other citizens and residents in New Zealand have a say in the future because the people who didn’t vote aren’t having a say on the future they want.

One policy solution to increase the engagement of the young voters is to make voting compulsory. Currently voting is not compulsory, however, it is required to enrol for the elections in New Zealand. To increase the outcomes of voting “Compulsory voting for local elections - with fines for those who don't have their say - is worth considering to tackle record low turnout”, Labour says. By enforcing this legislation, this would mean that even if the young voters would not vote they would need to unless they want to face the consequence of having a fine applied. Given a number of people that are not engaging in the elections in New Zealand, this has been a problem for the previous year, but to change this it could potentially increase the number of voters. Currently, the legislation of compulsory voting with a
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