Low Personal Information Regarding The Quality Of Life

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Their findings stated that a limited program can improve higher personal information regarding the quality of life. It was also said that previous positive results are effective worldwide including all age groups. According to Roberson et al. (2015) Tai Chi can increase balance, lessen one’s anxiety, and lower pain. Sannes, Mansky, and Chesney (2008) study aim investigated the variation seen in the length and training session done in randomized controlled trials involving Tai Chi Chih (TCC). The second objective of their study was to examine the attendance rates reported in scheduled intervention classes. Their findings produced many limitations with one being the dose optimization effect where the quality of TCC practice was not taken into account effetely, and the efficacy needed to be explained to the public about Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practices that are becoming more widely used. Wolf et al. (2003) study purpose was to determine whether or not a Tai Chi program is more effective than a wellness program in the prevention of falls. The authors reported that their study was done due to results of increased awareness noted in the prevention of falls by implementing an exercise program. This study investigated various exercise done using lower extremities muscle that are more efficient in the improvement of balance, strength, and a reduction of falls. Tai Chi was one of the exercise program investigated. Their findings showed that Tai Chi exercises,…
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