Low Probability Of Soil Contamination

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a) Need to find if there is any place within the project site where there is a high probability of soil contamination (maybe next to bins?).
The old paints manufactured in 1980s will be having more lead in it. If lead mixed paints are used after few years the paint will peels off. It can happen due to some manual activities too like stripping, sand blasting and scrubbing on it. Lead paint had not been used on the outside of the site or the places nearer to the site. Otherwise the peeled off paint will be contaminating the soil there (Raymond et al, 2011).
Whether pressure treated wood was used to build the structures of the site? Then the site will be having lot of soil contamination (Panagos et all, 2013).
Pesticide chemicals should not be used in the nearby areas. Pesticides and Pesticide mixing areas are often hotspots of contamination. Fungicides, rodent poisons, insecticides and herbicides are the part of Pesticides only. The past history of the site is very important in finding out that the soil is contaminated or not. For termite control, Chlordane is used at it contaminates the soil after the two years of the usage.
The sites in which lot of chemical related industrial, commercial activities happened in the past should not be selected as a site for the present requirement (DR Baldwin et al, 1999).
There should not be any high road traffic area nearby the site. Transport vehicles emit lot of gases that contaminate the site very quickly.
Whether the site is nearby…
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