Low Protein Dog Food Research Paper

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Look for High Quality Low Protein Dog Food
Besides getting your dog a low-protein dog food formula, make sure it is high-quality. Usually the good sources for low-protein diets include chicken, dairy, soy and egg, but you cannot just give him table scraps like if you have chicken fillet for dinner.
An ounce of cheddar cheese is equivalent to a half chocolate bar when given to a 20-pound dog. Basically, you are just giving him empty calories. Balanced nutrition is needed and should be based on your dog’s lifestyle and special needs.
Most of the dog food flavours come from the protein so your dog may find his new dog food, tasteless. Well, palatability is one crucial factor so doggie will get enticed to eat a low-protein dog food. Make sure to …show more content…

In fact, the whole theory of low-protein diets for dogs with kidney disease was blown apart in 1975 by David Kronfeld, PhD, who was at the time a veterinary researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. His concept was not to feed less protein but rather to feed higher-quality protein."
Their carnivorous nature allows dogs to become tolerable with high protein levels. Remember they are meat eaters since the beginning and only being domesticated has changed that and turned them to omnivores today.
If possible, consult a dog nutritionist before introducing any changes in your dog’s diet. Aside from dog food recommendations, the nutritionist might also provide you with some homemade dog food recipes according to your dog’s specific condition. They will also help you determine if Fido should be in a low-protein diet or not.
We can also recognize the fact there are certain health problems that can get worse with high-protein diets. It is a case-to-case basis and there are specific situations and conditions as mentioned above, when your furry friend needs to switch for a low protein dog

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