Low Salary For A Teacher

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Low Pay in Teaching In San Francisco, the average salary for a teacher is approximately $59,000 which would equal to earning about $220,000 a year. The average home in San Francisco is approximately $485,000 (Elsen). This shows that the pay for teachers is so low teachers cannot afford to live in the city of San Francisco. Teachers worldwide have been working harder and longer hours, yet they are still struggling with their pay. Even if the teacher’s job is to teach the current generations that will later on take on the important responsibilities that come along with adulthood, their job is being taking for granted and they are being paid as if their job could be done by anyone with no educational background. Teaching seems like it could be done by anyone, but in reality it does take some skill or at least some effort to be a good teacher. Since teachers are surrounded by students at all times, they need to know the easiest ways for their students to learn the material with the least amount of problems. The last thing they want is to have their students struggle with the class, and not understand what the lesson is about. Also, not only are they teaching multiple students at once, but multiple students who learn in different ways. There are students who learn verbally and others who prefer to see it (visually). Not to mention they are students who learn by doing hands-on projects. The teacher must find a balance in between all the teaching styles in order to please or help
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