Low Visibility

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The short story “Low Visibility” by Margaret Murphy is a fictional story, which deals with many topics, such as violence, love, hate, oppression, and right and wrong and the story is told by an un­instructed and omniscient 3. person narrator who tells the story as it unfolds. The plot takes off in medias res as we are thrown into a scene where Laura 's husband John is watch­ing television without any introduction. The structure in the story lets us jump a bit back and forth between two settings, as we are shown what is happening in the streets though Johns television, while we are also following the main characters in the apartment. So the story unfolds two places: the streets and John and Laura 's apartment. The setting shows that Laura…show more content…
Laura realizes that a person has ability to change. She is revived. “She feels herself returning – the particles of herself that her hus­band caused to flee are returning into her” (P12 l. 161-163). She considers killing him with a brick, but chooses the Tigers Eye instead which is placed in her other hand. The Tigers Eye symbolizes that she is focus, patience like a tiger who concentrates on its desire. In this case, Laura 's desire is to be free. The most important is the importance of fighting for your rights and freedom. Laura’s marriage has reduced her to a simple object with no liberty or human rights. As the story however approaches, she realizes that she will have to stand up against her husband, if she wants the situation changed. When Laura walks away, she walks away to be invisible again, to join the invisible people (P. 12 l. 173). She fight oppression and changed the situation, like it is naturally to fight oppression. Some­times you need a little push like Laura did, but essentially it is inevitable. It secures human survival, and it secured her mental survival. “A window explodes behind her, sending cascades of glass, mu­sical, deadly, to the pavement. Laura is unharmed" (P. 12 l
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