Low Wages During The Health Care Industry

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Low Wages in the Health Care Industry With an average employment of over eighty thousand, the Health Care Industry is the largest in the state of Idaho. The industry growth has remained strong even in the face of a crippling recession and is projected to add even more jobs - over fifteen thousand - between 2014 and 2024, according to the Idaho Department of Labor industry projections. Home Health Care Services is a small, yet rapidly growing sector within the Health Care Industry. This is no surprise, given the bias of home health care towards services for the elderly and the well-known rise in the aging population across the state. However, this industry sub-sector has the lowest average earnings compared to other health care sub-sectors.…show more content…
With a growth rate of 21 percent, this sector has added 5540 jobs statewide in the five years between 2010 and 2015. Other health care groupings include: Offices of Heath practitioners which accounts for 26 percent of total employment, Nursing and Residential Facilities - 18 percent, and Home Health Care Services at 10 percent. Outpatient, Laboratory and other Ambulatory Services is the smallest grouping accounting for just 7 percent of the industry average employment, yet it is the fastest growing segment in the industry. Between 2010 and 2015, average employment in this segment has grown by 42 percentage points; an increase of over 1700 jobs. Home Health Care Services is another rapidly expanding sector that has added 2100 jobs in the same time frame making it the second largest employment creator for healthcare in the state. As a means of comparison, statewide trends are analyzed alongside that of Bannock County, known for its dominant health care industry (Figure 1). Bannock County has a different industry sector spread with a less dominant Hospitals sub-sector at 28 percent and a larger Nursing Facility sub-sector at 23 percent. Home Health care is slightly larger than the statewide share at 13 percent, yet this segment has added more jobs in the past five years than all other segments within the industry. The
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