Lowe S Home Improvement Strategic And O Essay

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Lowe's Home Improvement Strategic and Operational Plan
Lowe's Home Improvement Strategic and Operational Plan
This paper highlights the creation of Lowe’s Home Improvement strategic plans utilizing the SWOT analysis that are in alignment with the Lowe’s mission and vision statements. The strategic plan which is define as “plans cover a large span of time that is several years or decades” (Gabrielle Brown, 2014), that covers plans that are in general manner that pertains to nonspecific and less-detailed format. On the other hand, an operational plan usually covers one year and provides very fine details on how the tasks are done daily (Gabrielle Brown, 2014).
Lowe’s Home Improvement Strategic Plan Overview
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At the event of any change to the company may it be negative or positive, profitable or non-profitable their will be an adverse effect to the stakeholders. Such effects are as follows: increase on overall sales of the company will yield increase on shares and earnings to either shareholders, employees and business owners; which in-turn will create profit that could be use for company expansion and purchasing of additional tools to use for improvement; that will lead in helping increase customers service elevating the aid provided to our customers; and also by increasing sales will also mean profit for Lowe’s vendors and suppliers, and so on…

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