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You will get much stress in your lower abs by doing leg raises from different angles. I see that most people in the gym are working mostly their upper abs. Their are doing lots of sit-ups with additional weight and crunches with machines or flat on the floor. These are good exercises to strengthen your middle and upper abs, but the problem is the weak lower abs and incorrect training techniques.

Ab exercises for lower abdominals gives you the nice burn especially in your lower abs and the top on your thighs as well.
You don't need to do 20 different ab exercises to blast your abs, instead pick up 3 exercises, that works in each upper, middle and lower area.
If you have tendency to have problems to develop lower abs, always do the exercises for lower abs first and keep the focus of lower abs.

Training your abs is a little bit different
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Execution: Lying on your back on the floor, put your hands behind your head and place your knees to 45-degee angle, so that your soles are slightly off the floor. This is a starting position.
Now begin a pedal motion, bringing your knees one by one toward your opposite elbow. Bring your knee as far as you can, until it will touch to opposite elbow. Then bring your knee to the starting position and simultaneously bring the opposite knee towards the opposite elbow.

Tips: Any variation of an exercise forces the muscles to respond in new and different ways. These ab exercises are confirmed to be the best lower ab exercises. The research has shown, that these 3 exercises activates more muscle in your abs, than for example regular crunches. It has been tested with the EMG (electromyography) equipment, which tests the amount of muscle activity. There were tested 13 common ab exercises and the above three are on the top 6, taking into consideration that these exercises build your lower abs and help you to get flat stomach.

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