Lowering Eligibility Requirements For Students Athletes

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Lowering eligibility requirements can be defined as what can be done to maintain eligibility and not necessarily just maintaining the required GPA. The whole purpose is to take into account the quality of education the student-athletes are receiving. The greatest concern when discussing eligibility requirements is based on all the topics of changing grades, encouraging the enrollment of ‘easy’ classes, and even the admission process. An article was written about keeping the colleges accountable in terms of making sure the student-athletes are getting the best education they can. The chronicle received a statement from a Big Ten academic advisor stating, “ you jump, online, finish in a week and a half, get your grade posted, and you’re bowl eligible” (Carey, 27). The same article stated that these online (Carey). The importance of that statement is to bring emphasis that in order to maintain eligibility you just have to have a certain number of hours and GPA. There are no requirements of the quality of those hours and grades. How in the world are those student-athletes going to benefit from that circumstance in the long run. The article states that the problem persists because of the term ‘credit hour’, defined as “a unit of academic time that does little to measure student learning” (Carey). The article showed significance in emphasizing how student-athletes take “easy” courses just to maintain certain hours and GPA regardless of the quality of class or education. What is

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