Essay about Lowering Population In India And South Asia

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Lowering Population in India and South Asia

The problem of overpopulation exists nearly everywhere, and if it does not currently exist, it will in the near future. People are having several children, and that is greatly exceeding the death rate. This problem is especially apparent in South Asia, and it is causing several problems such as famine, epidemic, overcrowding, etc.

The country of India is in dire need of aid in the decreasing of their population. There are approximately 25 births for each 9 deaths. That is nearly a 1.58% increase in population. The billionth baby was born not to long ago and if this rate keeps up, the problems are only going to get
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2 children would steadily decrease the population but in a slower manner for the reason that it would solely depend on deaths to decrease the population. To enforce the law, strict punishments including required military service for the father and the new son or large fines can be created. But limiting the amount of children allowed by law may seem kind of harsh. There are still other methods of lowering surface population in India.

The Country of India has a GDP of 1.8 trillion dollars. A new tax dubbed, "The population tax" can be enacted, that for a small some of money monthly, can aid in the fight against over population in South Asia. The tax would do this by constructing free clinics with a variety of ways to help. The first of which is to provide the strictest confidentiality about anything that occurs inside. A barrage of free material as well as expert advise would be in the clinics for anyone to learn about safe sex, and anything else that needed to be there. Free contraceptives would be given. Of course Abstinence with 100% effectiveness will be recommended but if this will not be done that other methods will be suggested.

Sterilization has a 99+% effectiveness rating, and although costly, will be given for free. Norplant implants with the same effectiveness, will available. Birth control pills with a 97% rating will be available to all females wishing

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