Lowering The Alcohol Drinking Age

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Lowering The Alcohol Drinking Age Now a day’s teens that are under the age of twenty-one are out in trouble and drinking. They know that they are not old enough to drink and that is what makes them want to drink even more. Teens drink when they are not suppose to, but they know that when they drink, they must stay out of trouble. Lowering the alcohol drinking age will keep a bunch of teens out of trouble. If teens can stay safe while drinking then they should allow eighteen year olds to drink. Eighteen year olds are young adults and are responsible for what they do so they know that they need to be careful while drinking. Even though people do not agree because alcohol is dangerous and some teens can’t control themselves, I personally think they can so they should lower the alcohol drinking age to eighteen. It will help teens stay out of trouble, stay safe, and learn how to be careful while drinking. Help lower the drinking age so we can make the U.S a safer place. By lowering the drinking age, The U.S would be a much safer place. There would be less accidents because teens will stay home and drink now that they’re old enough to drink they won’t be out getting into trouble. They will stay off the streets and won’t be out stealing and running around doing bad things. If lowering the alcohol drinking age means it will make the U.S a safer place, then they should pass a law that says the legal drinking age has been changed to eighteen. Please help make the U.S a safer
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