Lowering The Drinking Age On The United States

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Cameran White Mrs. Hayes Eng 102 J 14 April 2017 Why 21? Over the years, there have been debates about lowering the drinking age in the United States to eighteen. People argue that if a person can fight in the military or vote in elections, then he or she should be allowed the right to drink alcohol. Others feel that it is not wise to lower the legal drinking age because the results would be dangerous. Alcohol is a substance that is extremely destructive and if it is used incorrectly or immaturely the consequences can be dangerous to the users and the ones around them. Underage drinking, specifically under the age of twenty-one, should not be allowed in the United States because it is dangerous. Although there are arguments for lowering…show more content…
“Eighty percent of twenty-one year olds admit to purchasing alcohol for younger friends (Bonnie 5). If twenty-one year olds give alcohol to their younger friend, what makes people think that eighteen year olds wouldn’t do it too. If the legal drinking age is lowered to eighteen, eighteen year olds in high school might have sibling that is in middle school so those middle schools will also have access to alcohol. Surveys show that the most common source for alcohol among eighteen to twenty year olds is their twenty-one to twenty-four-year-old peers (Clark). Teen drinking can cause suicides. There is more pressure on teen than adults and when alcohol is added to the mix is only increases those effect (Arguments). Alcohol an affect you being a good student and it can also increase the risk of depression, violence and suicide. “Drinking and drug use may begin very early for young Americans. A new study has shown that by the time a teen reaches late adolescents, most of them have drank alcohol and use illicit substances”(National Institute). The younger you start can increase the risk of alcoholism at a young age. This can eventually lead to death. Also, the drinking age shouldn’t be lowered because it can affect people’s memory, decision making, coordination, and judgement. Which means, some of these effects can be permanent. Adolescent brains are still developing so who knows what the side effect can be in the future?

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