Lowering The Legal Drinking Age

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As we know, the United States has the highest drinking age in the world. By 1988 the entire U.S had adopted the Federal Uniform Drinking Age Act, which set the drinking age to twenty-one. However, in 1920 the United States banned the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcohol. This era known as the Prohibition sparked the popularity of hidden underground bars and events. The Prohibition Era is a prime example of how people did anything to intake alcohol and eventually this led to the act of doing illegal things. It is obvious to say that many people in the 1920’s were going against the law and were consuming alcohol. Today, this age seems to be a topic of controversy and debate. Many countries have established their drinking age to eighteen and younger. To many people believe that the idea of lowering the legal drinking age in the United States seems great. However, others believe that this idea may bring upon more conflict and tragedy. The drinking age should not be lowered and should stay at the uniform drinking age of twenty-one.
Ruth C. Engs, a professor at Indiana University, supports the idea that the drinking age should be lowered and should allow young adults to drink in controlled environments. She firmly believes that by lowering the drinking age will result in a decrease in irresponsible drinking that can lead to devastation. In opposition, Honor Whiteman states that the drinking age should be kept where it is because it saves
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