Lowering The Rate Of Diabetes

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The rate of diabetes is growing rapidly because people are getting into the habit of eating sugary foods at a young age. According to Rosemary Ferguson, a nutritionist, in the past 15 years the numbers of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has doubled to an estimate of 23.6 million. Since 2012, around 31.8 percent of children have been diagnosed either overweight or obese (“Obesity Rates &….”). Where students are getting unhealthy food is mostly in their school’s vending machines. It’s hard enough for parents to guide their children’s food choices, and it is impossible if the schools are peddling junk food throughout the day (“School Vending Machine….”). Instead of a vending machine that has sugary snacks and sodas, schools should decrease the availability of sweets. One of the reasons why students are getting into the habit of eating junk food is because parents are not telling them no. Students buy these sugary snacks from vending machines daily because there are few healthier choices. Schools should increase those better choices, such as fruits, vegetables, and drinks with less sugar. Starting at a young age, if children don’t take care of how much sugary food they are eating, their chances of having diabetes will grow even more. Reuben Rayala is a high school lunch lady, who sent a letter to USA Today about an article titled, “Health Movement has School Cafeterias in a Food Fight.” She wrote about many students bringing breakfast sandwiches, similar to…
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