Lowering the Drinking Age

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Samantha Juneau Marguerite Newcomb English Composition I April 6, 2014 Why the Drinking Age Should Stay at Twenty-One The United States drinking age throughout all 50 states has been the same since 1984 when a law was put in place by the U.S. Congress punishing all states who did not abide by the legal age limit of 21. Since this law was put into place, it has become one of the most widely studied laws in history. While there are many arguments and new bills being created to reduce this age, especially among college universities, all have failed to become law. Over half of adults agree that lowering the drinking age would increase binge drinking among teens, and 72% believe that it would make alcohol more accessible…show more content…
With the drinking age lowered to 18 years old, those at 15-17 (or even younger) may have friends who can purchase alcohol for them. That can create an even younger generation of drinkers who are most definitely not classified as old enough to consume alcohol by any means or by anybody. That will affect brain development, binge drinking, and create more DUI’s at an even higher level. Now instead of illegal alcohol activity being among the college setting, it is now heavier into the high school setting as well. When the legal drinking age is set at a certain age, people under that age of legality tend to drink less regardless. Since alcohol has been widely proven to not be entirely healthy for consumption and bad for brain development, it is best that the drinking age stays at 21 to reduce the amount of consumption in teens. One of the major arguments in lowering the drinking age is the comparison many make with other countries and their drinking habits. It stands to be true that many countries have a considerably lower drinking age or none at all. It also stands to be true that 1 in 10 drinking occasions by younger adolescents in southern European countries resulted in intoxication, versus America where the number is almost half. (Beck 2) But the amount of binge drinking taking place in all European countries is a lot higher than it is in the United States. The reason I
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