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Executive Summary This general case study on Lowe's will convey the conclusions drawn by our team along with our recommendations on how this company should proceed. As discussed in the introduction (1 A/B) there is one key problem with Lowe's and that is the fact that they are not number one. The introduction further outlines some areas of improvement within the Lowe's company such as maintaining and improving current success, increasing market share, boosting sales growth and offsetting increasing administrative expenses. Emphasis is placed on the importance that Lowe's choose strategies that will meet its objectives of increasing market share and revenues (Lowe's corporate home page, 2004). Beginning in section 2A, it is noted…show more content…
In order to maintain and improve upon current success by increase market share, boosting sales growth and counteracting the increasing selling and administrative expenses Lowe's has set forth some aggressive measures. Case in point, according to Lowe's website, the company has opened 130 stores in the 2003 fiscal year alone and has plans to open up 140 and 150 new stores in the 2004 and 2005 fiscal years, respectively (http://www.lowes.com).
According to a company profile produced by Datamonitor, Lowe's is second in the market to Home Depot, has less sales per square foot than Home Depot, is not considered a to be a low-cost producer when compared to other stores in its class and risks saturating the market (Lowe's Companies, Inc., 2004). In order to combat these underlying causes of Lowe's problems, Lowe's will be focusing on various demographic trends (generational considerations), maintaining the quality of current store locations, opening up new stores, focusing on untapped markets and on expanding popular yet profitable product lines (Lowe's Companies, Inc., 2004). To further discuss Lowe's, an analysis of the internal capabilities and an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of Lowe's has been conducted. In addition, an analysis of the external environment has been taken into consideration along with a SWOT analysis. Major

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