Lowe's Home Improvement Case Study

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My first choice for a company that would succeed today with globalization is Lowes Home Improvement. My main reason for this company is because what it supplies is needed anywhere in the world. Lowes not only supplies major appliances such as stoves and microwave but also offers installation on these items. They offer many home improvement needs such as windows, doors, siding, and all types of wood to build with. No matter where you go, these items are needed for your homes and businesses. This allows Lowes to be profitable in any market. It creates jobs, which helps local economies. It also brings other companies to these other countries. Companies such as General Electric and Anderson windows can become global companies with them.…show more content…
Why do you think the tension between a desire for global uniformity and local responsiveness is greater today than in the past? I believe that the tension for global uniformity is higher now than in the past because the world has become such a competitive place. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, so to speak. The world is now focused on the next best thing and how cheap can they get it. Unfortunetly we live in a world that most of our items in the United States and other countries are made in low income countries and the workers are treated poorly. Its important for us to want global uniformity so that no matter where or how items are created they are all created equal. Most countries are now looking for the made in the USA mark or whatever there country is because they believe that the better products come from these places. In having uniformity we can allow products to be made in each individual country and have the same quality. As for local responsiveness, that is always important. If your local market doesn't respond to your products then you don't have a business. This today has become very important. With so many businesses of the same kind in every town and country you need to be able to stand out. Look for instance at pizza parlors. There is probably at least 20 in every town. To stand out you have to do something special that your local community will respond to. This is how you
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