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Problem Statement Worksheet - Lowe's Companies, Inc. Sharon Manago CSU Global Strategy Planning MGT 510 Dr. Janice Spangenburg October 2, 2012 Problem Statement Worksheet - Lowe's Companies, Inc. Introduction | In 2008, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. have failed to ensure a sustainable safety environment, put in place a health program, and maintain adequate record keeping on work-related injury and illnesses claims for certain locations in the state of Ohio. This employer has been made aware of OSHA requirements for its industry and has been cited many times for similar infractions. OSHA regulators have imposed stiff penalty fines that have cost Lowe’s Companies Inc. thousands of dollars. The record-keeping violations at the…show more content…
The OSHA findings onsite when inspecting Lowe’s Companies are a contradiction to Lowe’s recordkeeping. Lowe’s Corporation agreement with OSHA was to hire a consultant to review medical records over a three year span to determine which if any claims legally needs to be reported to OSHA. The agency has mandated to report the details including whether accidents resulted in death, injury, time off from work, or job transfers (Nolan, 2011). | Conclusion | Lowe’s debates the issue that there is a problem with their recordkeeping by maintaining adequate reports and documenting employee injuries and illnesses. OSHA believes that there is a critical issue and Lowe’s continually fails to document viable information and report employee injuries. After several inspections throughout the Ohio area and over a one year span OSHA has found significant problems and violations, and cited Lowe’s thousands of dollars in fines. To take corrective action, Lowe’s must hire a consultant to review medical records from 2008 to 2010 to determine if the claims are to be legally reported to OSHA, they have until 2013 to complete the in-depth review(Nolan, 2011). | References Lewis, F. (2011). Local Lowe’s not cited in record-keeping missteps. Retrieved from http://www.portsmouth-dailytimes.com/view/full_story/14779888/article-Local-Lowe’s Lowe’s Home Centers Fined $110K for ‘Continual’ Recordkeeping Violations. (2010). Retrieved from

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