Loyalty Between Loyalty And Loyalty

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The concept of loyalty comes in many different forms, and can also be defined in multiple ways by different types of people. On the other hand, loyalty can also be viewed as a virtue that may be hard to define at times. Loyalty is something that every living being has. A dog is loyal to his owner because they provide the dog with food, shelter, and love. A kid is loyal to their parents for keeping them alive and well. Even though loyalty can be tested at times, the people who are there from the beginning will still be there at the end, if their loyalty really stands true. An American novelist, essayist, bookseller and screenwriter, Larry McMurtry, once said that “the whole point of loyalty was not to change: stick with those who stuck with…show more content…
Astonished by his choice, his agent, Frank Bauer thought he was crazy not taking the amazing, one-in-a-lifetime deal. Pat later says that “the Cardinals drafted me in the seventh round. They believed in me. I love the coaches here. I can’t bring myself to take an offer from the Rams” (Krakauer 130). This shows that even with the knowledge of the abundant money that he was going to turn down, Pat had no doubts about turning down the offer by the Rams. He chose to stay loyal to his team, rather than going to a new team that had more to offer him. Pat valued his team more than he valued money. He saw that the Cardinals believed in him and that they were there for him since the start. No amount of money could be offered to him to make him leave his team. Even though Pat Tillman’s loyalty was a good kind of loyalty, can there also be a bad type of loyalty? Some may argue that misplaced loyalty is a form of loyalty, while others do not see it as that, but rather something that is opposite to loyalty. The definition of misplaced loyalty is loyalty that is not acknowledged or respected. Most often or not, this type of loyalty can lead to betrayal or being taken advantage of and can also put one 's self respect, integrity, and sanity at risk. Bad influences are the main reason why people misplace their loyalty in the wrong type of people. In society, misplaced loyalty has a huge
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