Loyalty, Honesty and Trust in "The Conscience of the Court"

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In Zora Hurston's, short story, "The Conscience of the Court", she explores the value of loyalty and honestly. She also examines how these qualities effect the way others can perceive an individual and the trust that these qualities enable others to convey towards those that express them. This text shows the loyalty that a black woman holds for her employer and the trust that the two share during a time of turmoil and general distrust of blacks by whites. "The Conscience of the Court" is unusual because it depicts an uneducated black woman triumphing over a white bigot in a situation and time period in which an unspoken rule places the law on the white man's side. Hurston expresses her own beliefs about the racial discrimination in…show more content…
Laura felt so much trust towards Celestine that when Clement Beasley came to the door demanding compensation of an unpaid debt she stood her ground and kept her faith in the woman whom she had a life long bond. Her faith and loyalty towards Celestine caused her to defend her honor at the cost of putting her own freedom in jeopardy. Laura's trust was placed not only in the hands of Celestine but also in the hands of the court system. When asked if she would like the court to appoint her a lawyer she declined the offer on the grounds that it would do no good. Laura knew she was uneducated in many things, law being one of them, and therefore if she was found guilty then the verdict must be correct, because the court knew more about he law than she could claim to know. She trusted these unknown white men to decide her fate fairly without even giving a thought to the possibility of receiving a prejudiced ruling. In fact Laura is content to sit quietly during the proceedings until the judge asked her to defend herself. She tries to refuse but only when the judge convinces her that she would be helping him a great deal if she told her side of the story does she give in and speak up on her own behalf. Laura makes a point of stating that she did bar Beasley from Celestine's home when he tried to enter and take her wealth of antique furniture and sliver. When he
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