Essay Loyalty Program and File Import Node

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Individual Exercise 1 (10 Points) – You must do it alone (it is not a group activity)
Data set is on D2L with the exercise
Exercise Description:
Initial Data Exploration * A supermarket is offering a new line of organic products. The supermarket’s management wants to determine which customers are likely to purchase these products. * The supermarket has a customer loyalty program. As an initial buyer incentive plan, the supermarket provided coupons for the organic products to all of their loyalty program participants and collected data that includes whether or not these customers purchased any of the organic products. * The ORGANICS data set has 13 variables and over 22,000 observations. The variables in the data
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Point out any mismatch in your answer. (1 Point) d. Fix as needed (by clicking on role or level) any mismatch in the roles or measurement levels of variables in the above step. e. Continue with adding data source. Do not use decision processing step in the data source wizard. In the final step use data set role as Raw. f. Right-click on the data in the project panel and select Explore. Make sure you set sampling method to random and sample size to Max in sample properties. Scroll and take a look at the first 26 observations. Which variables seem to have missing values in the first 26 observations? Also, show a screenshot of at least first 26 observations. (1 Point) g. Instead of exploring data from the project panel, you will now do it from the diagram. Make sure you set sampling method to random and sample size to Max. in the options > preferences. Drag the data to the diagram. Then, right-click on the data source in the diagram. Choose edit variables. In the pop-up box, select any variable you want to explore and then click on the Explore button. 1) Select TargetBuy. Create a frequency histogram for the variable TargetBuy. Make sure the vertical axis is percentages and you display the percentage values in the histogram (hint: right-click on the graph…). Turn-in a copy of the histogram as a part of your deliverable. (1.5 Points) 2) Create a frequency
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