Essay on Loyalty to ones king

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“As soon as the Cid caught sight of the King he ordered all his men to halt…He knelt down on his hands and knees on the ground and with his teeth he pulled up a mouthful of grass. With tears of joy streaming from his eyes he showed in this way his complete submission to his liege lord, Alfonso.” What would cause a grown man to act in such a manner? The Cid was the ruler of Valencia, and the leader of thousands of soldiers. The Cid has defeated countless enemies and have been victorious in all his wars, he could have been almost thought of as a man without fear. Yet, as soon as he caught sight of the King who has exiled him from his land, he broke down and acted like an animal in front of the King. The ‘loyalty’ and ‘respect’ the Cid has …show more content…
As the Cid’s army grew, the Cid conquered greater opponents. All along the way, the Cid fought under King Alfonso’s name and in the name of Christianity. The Cid considered the land he conquered also to be the land of King Alfonso. After winning a major battle with the Moorish people, the Cid prepared 100 saddled horses to give to King Alfonso. The Cid sent the horses with Minaya, his right hand man. With the gift he also asked the king to allow his wife and two daughters to join him in his kingdom of Valencia. By doing so, it shows another great sign of respect and loyalty to King Alfonso. He could just invade the land and take his family away from King Alfonso’s grasp, but yet he sends a gift of one hundred saddled horses and asks for “permission” for his family to join him in Valencia. The King was very impressed to see the gift that the Cid has sent, and sees the fact that the Cid still truly respects him. When Garcia Ordonez sees this he says “Apparently there are no men at all in Moorish territory.” Which annoyed the King, and the King responds saying “No more of that. At least he serves me better than you do.” At this point it is clear that the Cid is earning his place back into King Alfonso’s heart. He acknowledges the fact that the Cid is one of his knights and serves him. Also it starts to show that the King is displeased with Garcia Ordonez. The Cid then later defeats a
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