Lpn Role And Philosophy.Nurses Play Many Roles In The Healthcare

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LPN Role and Philosophy Nurses play many roles in the healthcare field, can have many duties to fulfill under their licensure. It is important for a nurse of any degree, or licenses to know all of the duties that can be performed under their scope of practice. Olin (2012) states, “Scopes of practice are the same for every nurse at a basic level and very different by specialty.” Therefore, it is important to understand the scope of practice, that the nurse is licensed for. A nurse has many roles under the scope of practice that the nurse is licensed under. There are times when a nurse is asked to perform a task that isn’t under the nurse’s scope of practice and guidelines, and it is very important not to fulfill the task at hand if it…show more content…
Personal nursing philosophy is important to individualized nurses because different nurses care for different patients. Marchuk (2014) notes, “The use of a nursing philosophy as the basis for nursing practice promotes the proper application of nursing knowledge as well as the development of further nursing theory and knowledge.” Nursing philosophy is different for every kind of nurse and each individual nurse, some seek compassion and knowledge, were as other seek professionalism and dignity. All nurses are different, and this paper will be focusing on the Licensed Practical Nurse and the roles and tasks of an LPN.
Background of the LPN
There are many roles and tasks that can be performed under the LPNs scope of practice. The LPN can give medications prescribed by the doctor, give immunizations approved by the healthcare provider, preform daily wound care and vital signs, take medical histories and enter provided information into the computer documents, (Licensed Practical Nurse, 2017). The Licensed Practical Nurse can watch over the UAP, monitor intake and output, and help with patient transferring as well. The LPN has a lot responsibly and works as the eyes and ears of a doctor or a registered nurse.
Client Centered Care
The licensed practical nurse shows client centered care in many ways. Bell (2014) states, “The goal of patient-centered care is to see the patient and family as a

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