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It’s night time now. All the cadets are sitting in the dining hall of the Kanchanjunga Military Academy(KMA). Everybody is there..Naina..Huda..Yudi..Ali Alekh and Pooja. All cadets are tired because of the tough training session today and the serious; so called boring classes by Capt. Rajveer. Suri ji, incharge of the kitchen department, is serving food to all the tired cadets. Suri ji: O ki hoya mere shero? Aj sab chup-chaap baithe ho. Koi gala-shala nahi kar rahe? O ki gal hai? Mainu das. Ali (an innocent small-town boy who has come here to make his father’s dream of him being a soldier come true.): Suri ji, aaj to bohat hard training hui. Saara din bas bhagta dodte rahe. Suri ji: O putar.. sipahi ban na hai to mehnat to karni padegi…show more content…
( as Ali is his room mate) (Similarly, Pooja and Naina shared one room and Huda and Alekh were roomies too.) Ali stands up and keeps his plate in the sink before leaving. So does Yudi. Huda: (to Pooja) Ye bas raat ko iske saath ladna aur phir sona hi mujhe achha nahi lagta.(talking of Alekh) Pooja giggles. Alekh and Naina stand up and put their plates in the sink, while Pooja and Huda are still chating. Alekh leaves for his room and Naina waits for Pooja to be over with her food and Huda too. Huda: Saara din daru ki baas aati rehti hai mere kamre me se (gives a pathetic look).Saala bevda kaidi….samajhta kya hai apne aap ko. Agar maine uski complaint kar di na to phasega vo. Pooja: Phir to karta kyun nahi complaint? Class ke samay mere saath baithta haina vo, to lagta hai ki machhi ke tail se nahake aata hai. Well, ya phir naha ke hi nahi aata. They start laughing and give each other a high-five. Naina is watching all this and thinks how disgusting her journey of KMA is going to be. As Pooja finishes her dinner and stands up, Naina walks over to her and signals her by shaking her head as in saying “chalein?” Pooja nods back to say “hmm.. I am coming”. Huda: kya ishaaron ishaaron mein baatein chal raheen hain? Mujhe lootne ka plan to nahi bana rahe? Naina ignores his comment and throws a look which seemed to express “cheap boy!” kind of words. Then walks to the sink where Pooja is washing her hands. Soon they both leave for their room. Huda: (murmuring to

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