Lsc Personal Statement

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Nestled quietly in the busy city of Madison, sits a historic campus icon that many don’t know exists. However, those that have discovered this gem, know just how uniquely brilliant the building and students, faculty and staff are that spend their days here. I am fortunate enough to have discovered this beautiful and historic building, where I have been able to find a small home on a campus that feels larger than life. Not only has this building given me a home on campus, it has also provided me with a major that I am passionate about. Life Sciences Communication has allowed me to take new and exciting courses, meet new friends, develop new skills and learn from the best of the best. The goals for my future have been built upon a foundation that allowed me to tie together the LSC major as well as the things I was passionate about outside…show more content…
The skills and knowledge I have received from this organization have allowed me to practice real world experiences in agricultural communications and marketing. The knowledge I have gained from this organization, the friends I have gained and the faculty I have been able to work with have given me an experience that I will never forget and will treasure forever. It is equally exciting that in my LSC classes I am able to take things I have learned through NAMA and apply them in class as well as use the knowledge I have gained in LSC classes in NAMA. At a University that houses over 43,000 students, I take pride in the LSC department where I can walk into my favorite building on campus and see a familiar face within. It is great to know that I have the support of so many distinguished faculty and leaders within the communications and science world. I am truly learning and gaining experiences from the best of the best while gaining unique experiences that will give me an advantage in my future
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